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A CD of Mac Games and Apps.

Last Updated on 12/19/01

After Christmas of 2001 we will begin production of the CDs. There is no "subscription" you easily come here every once in a while to see if a new cd is in stock. We arent very big but that doesnt mean anything its the content of the CD what counts really. We will include a listing of everything included on the CDs even before theyre released. It may take some time to get these cds all finished though so dont expect it the first of the month. And there wont be one EVERY month I dont have the time or the money. If this idea grows it will be out each month. The price range will be about 3-8 dollars each no exact idea yet, probably about 5. Enjoy.

If for any reson at all you may need to contact me go ahead and e-mail me at
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