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Last Updated: 1/20/02


Macintosh only peoples!

12/23/01 Weve finished ANOTHER new app. Its simple but useful I think youll enjoy it. DogFight is not cancled we are about 70 percent done should be released soon. Heres some info on our new app Note 'N Draw!: Note N Draw is a simple app weve been waiting for. Say youre at work and its your break so you go to Starbucks or something and a client comes in wondering where you are simply say Hey! Im at Starbucks be back in 45 minutes. Then draw a little Starbucks for kicks. You can chose from over 256 colors!! You get an eraser, an eyedropper, a fill tool, and a pen tool. You can also turn the grid on or off. This can be fun just to draw with and show off your drawing skill when your gone or leave simple note when youre in a rush. This is our newest creation from MindSoft... Merry Christmas! ------------------------------------------------------------- 12/21/01 Ah only four days till Christmas and a new project is underway! Theres no exact name for it yet but so far weve decided Dog Fight plain and simple. In this game you and a friend (possibly the computer as well workin on it) have 2 planes one green one red and the object is to shoot your opponent out of the sky. Its easy as that, but fun. We havent decided the weapons probably both machine gun and missles. Itll be awesome so look for it soon and see me making a plane on the right once we'll add more pictures soon! ------------------------------------------------------------- 12/18/01 Well its been a while since Ive even seen this site cause Ive been grounded now that Im FINALY ungrounded I can work on the site and all my games. Lets see Im going to soon add the page with everyones games, Im going to make a page with previews of my new coming soon games (Im working on one now) and thats about it. Im shocked 101 visitors! Last time I was here it was like 40 somethin Im gonna get the pahe added to Yahoo! and other search engines. Oh and Im going to add a little quiz in a minute. ------------------------------------------------------------- 12/11/01 We have came up with the idea of adding a page for anyones games. They must be back though. Just e-mail me at with a link to your site (optional) and a link to all your games desired to be on here (required) then we'll make you a page under our new coming soon section. 12/9/01 New game Idea coming! No name yet but you work in an office or store not sure yet and you make your decisions will you do the work? Will you be polite? Will you be a great employee or a hell raiser summoned by the devil?!?! Its your choice coming soon from MindSoft. 12/8/01 Web site started today many things to come here! Geo was released a few days before this site began, Geo is a Hotline LP finder. Just click "Go" and a list of lps appear, this possibly could be cancled soon because Im not getting enough LPs from people post some aty or e-mail me them at -------------------------------------------------------------

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Here Im designing a plane for our newest upcoming game! Dog Fight.



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