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The new official home page is up and rewritten from scratch.

Since 12/7/01 new page began on 12/24/01

Latest news:


MindSoft has released our newest application entitled "Note 'N Draw" if you ever see those little tiny white boards in most homes where they draw pictures on it or leave messages for your roomate, family, and friends or just for yourself. Its just like that but on a computer chose from over 256 colors, a fill tool, a pen, eraser, grid, an eyedropper, and even text. This is one thing you dont want to miss or your clients, or family could miss you someday for something important with this they'll know where you are right away. Minimum requirements: Mac OS 7.0.



Our new game is still underway Dogfight has not been cancled its just taking longer than expected we may have to do some serious changed because of mishaps etc... Expect it next week around my birthday on the 30th.