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MindSoft Productions

MindSoft's creations.

Welcome to the MindSoft download page. Please visit here every once and a while we make games and programs quicker than you think sometimes. Please enjoy! Oh and if you'd like to see a screen shot of any of these please visit the MindShots page.

Note 'N Draw

Note 'N Draw is an app where all on one little thing you can leave a message and draw a picture to go with it. So if your friend whos in the other room comes in and youre not here he'll know where you are immediatly by typing "Went to get a drink" then draw a soda or something if you like. Plus its fun you get 256 colors, a pen tool, fill tool, eyedropper, and a grid

Geo OSX for all you Mac OS X people out there get this!

Download Geo (Yes Geo Technologys is AKA MindSoft)

Geo is a Hotline LP finder, its is very hard to update this programs LPs because Im too busy making new games and working on the site if you have some PLEASE email me. Otherwise dont expect too many coming on all the time but its a keeper.

Billionare 2.0

Billionare is our classic hit trivia game. Go through it answering many mind activating questions.

MindPong 1.0

This is just a simple Pong game in color its cool though. But its a test so we know exactly what to do for MindPong 2002, we're not sure what MindPong 2002 might include but probably up to 4 players at a time and quests as well! Should be great coming soon.

All games and programs here are written by MindSoft and are a Copytight of MindSoft.