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MindSoft Productions
About MindSoft

The true story of how it began, fell apart and was brought back to life.

It all started sometime early in the year 2000 i was an independent making games on my iMac for kicks actualy I didnt really make them I dont remember what the hell I did with them heh. But this was way back in my AOL days I was on keyword MGM looking to see if there were any programs to make games I was tired of HyperCard and ResEdit ;) and up came GameMaker. Obviously that name caught my attention so I downloaded waiting for my slow 56k to hurry up and GameMaker Lite ws born on my computer. So after playing around with it stopped for a while and went back to MGM and looked around some more and I came across "Special Intrests" and they had a whole section of GameMaker in there, I was extremely suprised, I noticed there were hundreds of GameMaker games already!!! And even a forum. So I walked into the boards and said hello. I cant come across what my screen name was then because this was way before MindSoft. There were some old people there when I say old I dont mean age I mean people who you go there now you will NOT see and its strange why. I met this one guy under the screen name of Baumandm and we started talking and we thought hey lets make a company!

So we started thinking of names I remember things like Lightning Technologys and things but I wanted something simple so he came up with MindSoft and then MindSoft it was! My first game ever to be released... lemme think ah yes I believe it was Billionare (yes it is spelled incorectly I know) that game was a hit and brought MindSoft up a lot then baumandm disapered I dont think he ever made a game uder the MindSoft tag but ever since early 2000 to this date I have never seen him again. Strange huh? But I continued on witht he MindSoft name and made a new "game" called Disco Night, theres two types of people for who see this game youre either someone who says "Why the hell would you releases the gay crap? or "That was hilarious! He should make another!" most of everyone was the first person. I never did release a new one just a 1.1 with a fix or two.

Billionare 2 did come out afterwards but the sound for the next question played 2 much and bugged people it was still good. After I payed 160 dollars for REALbasic I was making Billionare 3 but it was to time consuming and confusing as my goals being 100 questions and life lines so it was cancled (note MindSoft may redo that cancelation) If you want to find any of these games go to the AOL File Archives and search mindsoftpro (keyword filesearch) but good luck finding Billionare 1 I dont have it anymore and AOL replaced #1 with #2. Around late 2000 and early 2001 I actualy had members in the MindSoft group it consisted of: (screennames listed here) zlateh, macmaster87, gldnwaterfall01, and me mindsoftpro (now as sk8esp55) Macmaster stopped making games and sorta left he never quit and he never got fired you could just tell and Zlateh wanted to go solo and gldn split out to make his own company. I still am friends with all these people even gldn made a copy of billionare which wasnt too cool but its alright (called lets win money) Soon in the mid 2001s I got oh thank God for this CABLE! I was in heaven and playing games on-line such as Quake and Diablo 2 this is when MindSoft pretty much shut down because of me and games as well as everyone leaving. But after a while I figured I gotta make more so here I am today, playing games and makin em too. So if you want to join thogh just e-mail me and Id be glad to talk with you.

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